Hello there! 👋

We're Todd Goldberg and Rahul Vohra. We're startup founders who have also been co-investing as angels for the past six years. We're now scaling up our investing through this angel fund to help more founders build delightful products.

We help startups find product/market fit faster, supercharge their distribution, and raise from the best investors.

We look to invest in the best founders at every stage of company building. We invest broadly, but we're especially excited about a few spaces: productivity, viral SaaS, health/fitness/wellness, creator/maker tools, and business infrastructure.

We write modest-sized checks so that we can work alongside other investors. Our LPs are primarily incredible founders and operators that want to support and evangelize our portfolio companies.

Let's build! :)

About us

Todd Goldberg - Founded Eventjoy (Acq by Ticketmaster; YC W14) and Mailjoy.

Rahul Vohra - Founded Superhuman (Raised Series B from a16z) and Rapportive (Acq by LinkedIn; YC S10).

How we help

🔨 Product

We're product people that can help with everything from product roadmaps to onboarding flows. Rahul wrote the most shared article on product/market fit to date, while Todd has designed and shipped over a dozen products, several of which were featured by Apple.

🌎 Distribution

We authentically evangelize products we love. We do it through our founder community, social platforms, founder/operator LP base, media appearances (i.e Rahul does ~2 podcasts per week), and combined networks.

📈 Go-to-market

The best founders not only build amazing products, but also think about distribution from the start. We can help design your go-to-market strategy. Rahul built Rapportive — the first Gmail plugin to scale to millions of users — and more recently crafted the go-to-market for Superhuman that has resulted in a 250k+ person waitlist and explosive viral growth. Todd built Eventjoy which sold millions of dollars in ticket sales across thousands of events worldwide.

💰 Fundraising

We can help put your round together. After we invest, we'll immediately get to work on making intros to top firms and angels. We'll also be in the trenches with you on fundraising strategy as you navigate the process. When you're ready to raise your next round, we can help there too!


A few of the founders and operators who backed us as LPs include: